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19 08 2008
Whenever I’ve reported on conditions for babies and children in Yarl’s Wood IDC, there has always been comments back that “this cannot be true.” I’ve even had anonymous letters telling me I’m making it up to try and get some sort of personal satisfaction from the attention…
To all my doubters and detractors… I’d like to send you on to this Nursing Matters webpage.
It has, in shameful detail, the Yarl’s Wood medical notes on Baby C, the baby who was left hungry in YW for over 18 hours.
And it’s not me reporting on those notes – it’s the notes themselves. As recorded by Yarl’s Wood medical staff.
The story they tell, is somewhat shocking. In my opinion, it shows the institutionalised neglect and disregard for the detainees within our detentions centres. I invite you to read them, and make up your own mind.
If, after you have read them, you agree, that they show a lack of either proper medical care or regard for Baby C’s health, I’d urge you to contact your local MP. As a constituent, you have a right to request your MP act on your concerns.
Detention centres are not a local issue. What’s going on in them, and the standard of care being shown babies and children locked up in them, is not about the local MP arguing with staff. It’s about all MPs, in the country, taking on board national issues to do with our concept of who we are as civilised people. As a constituent, you have a right, and I’d argue, a duty, to bring things like this to your MPs notice, and state, unequivocally, that it is NOT being done in your name, and you want answers.
The standard of medical care in the centres is determined and dictated by senior Civil Servants reporting directly to Government ministers. As a constituent within our Parliamentary structures, you have a direct voice in demanding both accountability, and competency, in those officials. If your MP says you should raise your concerns directly with the Government, please remind your MP that Parliament exists to hold the Government of the day accountable for its actions, and you expect your MP to maintain that function on your behalf. It’s what they are there for, and why they stood for public office in the first place.
Please use your voice and speak for the voiceless. You can read for yourself how Baby C has been treated, and how she came to be left hungry for so long. The medical notes show clearly who said what and how it came to pass. Official UK Border Agency letters sent out to those who have already complained, tell a different story. The story in the medical notes, is the story that was told by the mother, and by those of us who were trying to get this baby fed. Yet UK Border Agency still refuse to accept that anything went wrong, have yet to apologise, and have not stated it will never happen again.
Writing you MP is very simple. Hit this link, and put in your own post code. The UK Parliament site will then open up an option table on how you wish to contact your MP. If you hit the email option, the computer will actually open the email up for you, and allow you to just type in your comments, and send them on to your MP automatically.
It couldn’t be simpler. Almost as simple, you’d think, as feeding a hungry baby.



2 responses

20 08 2008

I’ve been in contact with mothers and staff at Yarls Wood and believe Morgan. She’s not making it up, sadly, I wish she wasIt’s criminal neglect

20 08 2008

This is barbaric. I’m sickened by it. I’m emailing my MP about it. xxx

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