Archiving of Breastfeeding Photos

14 09 2008
This image is from the BBC website, and shows a mother nursing her baby as they shelter from Hurricane Ike.


It shows perfectly why breastfeeding is so vital in emergency situations. The mother is calm and relaxed, as she waits out the storm, no need for panic over finding formula, or clean water, or bottles, or … anything. Have baby on breast, am safe and secure. Baby at home on her body, utterly secure too. šŸ™‚


Such pictures are rare, and in some ways, becoming rarer. It’s important that breastfeeding babies are socially documented, by such photos as above. The business of being a mother, and of being a child, is often overlooked in social history, and babies nursing at the breast need to be clearly seen at all levels of society.


Something that Jennifer James has long recognised, and promoted, in her personal blog, Black Breastfeeding, which has always been listed at the bottom of this blog’s link sites. She’s always posted excellent and well researched photos and items about both breastfeeding and formula feeding.


She’s taken this aspect of her main blog, and created a new blog, dedicated entirely to archiving such photos. “… she is on a quest to find information and historic photographs showing moms breastfeeding in public before it became taboo.”


If you have such photos, I’m sure she’d like to hear from you. The new blog can be found here, and it is wonderful! I’ve lifted the photo below from it!






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