Send Jack A Fiver

16 09 2008
This is a chain letter. We ask you send it on to at least ten people, and post it on a few bulletin boards to boot. Nothing will happen to you if you don’t. Your cat won’t die, your grandmother won’t fall off a ladder, and your car will not crash. If you do send it on, you will get a nice warm glow from A Job Well Done. If you then also Send Jack A Fiver, you will feel super human and invincible – You Have Made A Difference!
Warning – do not attempt any super human feats during this time, you only think you can walk on water, or leap tall buildings in a single bound. You won’t actually be able to do that. But you will feel good for a moment!
Dr Jack Newman is one of the nicest people on the face of the planet. He and his colleagues, are totally dedicated to one thing: happy breastfeeding babies.
He and his staff give of their time, effort and expertise, to anyone, anywhere. Jack has sent one-to-one support letters to Nursing Matters, giving detailed professional opinion on babies being threatened with separation from their mothers – at the drop of a hat. He’s literally sent two pages of letter, return of email, late on a Friday evening after he should have gone home already.
He is someone who gives to breastfeeding babies – wherever they are.
And whilst he is physically located in Canada, his professionalism, and expertise, has touched, aided and encouraged, babies, mothers and lactation support people, all over the world. He gives free access to all his information sheets, videos and combined wisdom.
Jack needs some money to keep up all this good work. His Government funding was budget ‘cut’ in 2005. Private donations that have kept the clinic running for over 3 years, end this month.
So this post is very simple, it’s a plea to Send Jack A Fiver. And to ask others to do the same. If we all send a fiver, or even a dollar, if that’s all we have, maybe they’ll keep going for another month! Or even a year. 🙂
Please cut-and-paste this message, and Send It On!



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