Be A Star – Update

12 11 2008
My blog is a year old! 🙂 I couldn’t be happier that my sorta anniversary post is this one!

Back in March, I did a post on the Be A Star campaign. I felt it was one of the best designed, and well founded breastfeeding awareness campaigns I’d ever seen. Read the original post, for why I feel it’s such a ‘vital’ campaign.



As the campaign has grown, it’s spread into other health trust areas, who have produced their ‘own’ breastfeeding Mums in new posters. All continuing the theme of photographing breastfeeding Mums and their babies, as glamorous yet individual ‘stars’.



Be A Star is currently undertaking an evaluation, to take stock of how effective the campaign has been. The results will be analysed and used to determine if the ‘buzz’ created by the posters, leaflets, radio ads etc, has been effective in actually encouraging, or sustaining, breastfeeding.


As part of the evaluation, there is a survey is for anyone who has seen the campaign. It’s one page long, and takes approx 2 minutes to complete. You can find it here. It’s vital that health campaigns are assessed rigorously for evidence of their results – and it’s not just that people already converted ‘like’ them. So if you saw the campaign, even only through the blog and then went and looked at the website, please fill in a survey. Do your bit! There is actually a category for seeing the campaign on a website, or blog, so the internet exposure element will be assessed too. 🙂




3 responses

15 11 2008

CONGRATS on your one year anniversary!!! Your blog is wonderful and makes me crave motherhood more than I already do. 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on, Sistah! We’re listening!

15 11 2008


23 11 2008

I absolutely love this campaign. Their questionnaire won’t load for me though. 😦

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