Sodding Tesco AGAIN!!!!

6 01 2010

I, for one, am about out of patience. Once, fool on you.. twice, fool on me….
Time for a full out campaign. This one will be trickier, as this is not a formula pack, it’s a nappy pack. And bottles and teats are covered by The Code, but not in the UK regs. So this is not a breach of UK regulations. But it is against Code, and the spirit of the Code.
So this may be our heads, and their brick wall. After all Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall had huge resources, and a much more obvious ‘oh look, that’s wrong’ type campaign. And they ignored him.
So the odds aren’t good. When you make as much money as Tesco… you can ignore a lot of complaints.
Who’s with me?



19 responses

7 01 2010

Ugh! Why would you even need a baby being fed on the packet anyway?!

7 01 2010

I am! Is that really nessicary? Just show a cute baby in a diaper to sell diapers already!

7 01 2010

They haven't done it by accident. It's deliberate. It's cross-marketing. By placing the bottle feeding image on their nappies, in the 'baby aisle, they are putting that image in your mind as you stand in front of the formula bottles.They're also hoping to ride in on the push on follow-on marketing on tv. All those nice adverts we've been screaming about, with happy healthy 'protected' babies. So they sell more of their own product, as it's associated with he more expensive high density tv advertising others are paying for, and it raises the profile of those products its selling in its own store.Very very damaging. And very very worrying. Another chip into the Code. 😦

7 01 2010

Well, my kids just learned some new words…That's just plain ridiculous.

7 01 2010
Muddling Along Mummy

That's terrible – bottle feeding is not the norm, breastfeeding is and portraying something else is just wrong (guess they'll justify it by saying that they couldn't put a boob on the pack….)

7 01 2010

Is it on all the nappies, or just the newborn ones? Not that it matters, really. But placing that image specifically on the newborn nappies seems particularly heinous.

7 01 2010

Here have the email address of the UK Marketing Director Carolyn Bradley I have sent her a message, called them and also contacted the ASA – Good luck everyone πŸ˜‰

7 01 2010

Here have the email address of the UK Marketing Director Carolyn Bradley I have sent her a message, called them and also contacted the ASA – Good luck everyone πŸ˜‰

7 01 2010

Of course, there isn't a connection between the banning of fomrula advertising, and the follow-on milk advertising kicking in at 6 months… and the fact it's a newborn pack.That's WHY it is on the newborn pack!Cynical, moi? No, just realistic.It's a total push into the whole concept, that under six months is absolutely verboten. Can't even do follow-on before then? Why, print the images on nappies… GIGO.

7 01 2010

3rd time Tescos have annoyed me in a new way (i.e. not just shelf talkers)for me from their current catalogue.

8 01 2010
Alison Blenkinsop

I have made a phone complaint. I stopped shopping at Tesco last year after the SMA ad. What more can we do? We are up against such a lot of juggernauts. Thank God for all those who promote breastfeeding!

8 01 2010

Protect, Alison, protect.With this level of continuous assault on all sides, all we can do is protect…

8 01 2010

Is there no boycott Tesco (or Fiasco as it's otherwise known) website you can add to your links? I've not shopped there for years because of their ethics. I realise this doesn't help this particular arguement, just noticed that you boycott others…. Here's a FB group for starters

8 01 2010

Definitely needs a Facebook and Twitter campaign!

9 01 2010

Thanks for the link. I've blogged this story too and sent an email to the marketing director. Disgraceful behaviour. Carolyn

11 01 2010
The Beehive

Why don't you go direct to the cause? Contact P&G to ask wtf they're needing to put a bottlefed baby on the packaging in the first place?

12 01 2010

I've sent an email, and asked others to do so too on the hey facebook group.Hoping for a responce from them soon.

13 01 2010

Last year, internet adverts sprouted up for Fairy non-bio, showing a real baby… in a PAMPERS nappy! The Fairy baby is drawn wearing a real, fluffy, cotton nappy. But of course, when you look deeper, you find P&G own both the Fairy Trademark, and Pampers nappies 😦 *angry*They are quite used to doing this.

15 01 2010

unfortunately it seems this (not so) sub concious cross selling works, before giving birth I bought, sterilizers, bottles breast pumps all 'just in case'. Im proud to say I have solely breast fed even after a very difficult start (topped up with donated breast milk x) and would NEVER consider, recommend or suggest formula. So angry I was sucked in. I hate Tesco, thank you for another reason x

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