Sodding GMTV Again!!!!

15 01 2010

Couldn’t resist.

GMTV are doing an item on extending breastfeeding at some point in the next week or so. They’ve done their usual “We’ll do a lovely, non biased questionnaire, and poll the Great British Public on their views.” It’s a stonker!
1) Are you a man or a woman?
2)Where do you live?
3) How old are you?
4) Do you or are you planning to breastfeed?
5) Would you be comfortable breastfeeding in public?
6) Do you think breast milk is more nutritional for babies than formula?
7) Do you think it’s a woman’s right to breastfeed in public?
8) Do you think think a women should use discretion when breastfeeding in public?
9) Do you think a woman’s breasts should not be displayed in public for any reason? (NOTE DOUBLE NEGATIVE)
10) Do you think infants over the age of 12 months should ever be breastfed in public?
11) Do you think it’s wrong to breastfeed an infant over the age of 12 months?
12) What age do you think a woman should stop breastfeeding?
* 3-6 months
*6-9 months
*Up to 12 months
*1 year or over
*2 years or over
*3 years or over
* As long as the infant wants to be fed
* Other
And then the usual “Do get in touch and tell us your experiences.”
I rather think a lot of Mums need to fill this in. GMTV are notorious for their bloodbath reporting on breastfeeding. Click Here.
EDIT: If you have problems getting in, try from here:



11 responses

15 01 2010

9) Do you think a woman's breasts should not be displayed in public for any reason? (NOTE DOUBLE NEGATIVE)I can't see a second negative. It's unclear whether "for any reason" refers to "think" or "display" though.

15 01 2010

I see it as being a double negative when you decide which answer:yes, I think woman's breasts should not…no, I think woman's breasts should not… Takes a moment to really unravel.No, I think a woman's breasts should not be displayed in public for any reason.

15 01 2010

Ah, yes, I see what you mean. It's the placing of the "for any reason" clause that buggers that up / gives them that convenient all roads lead to Rome answer.

16 01 2010
Noble Savage

Took the survey. Didn't leave contact details as I have no faith whatsoever that they won't make anyone who doesn't wean after one year to be a total nutcase. Sigh.

16 01 2010

I have complete confidence that if the survey is positive to breastfeeding, they won't mention it.That's what they did last time. They did the poll on should breastfeeding take place in public, and "yes" won at 71% of answers. They didn't mention the poll during the piece they then did. But at least we might stop them mentioning the poll. As opposed to what they'd do if it all came out negative.Cynical? Moi? Non.

17 01 2010

I've filled it in – are they linked with Nestle in any way, I wonder?

18 01 2010
Muddling Along Mummy

Anon – they are sponsored by Nestle … surprise surpriseI hate that they are asking loaded questions around 12 months (ie if we mention 12 months it guides that its something you SHOULD have an issue with it) yet with no mention of the WHO guidelines of 2 years or until the child self weans

21 01 2010

I sat for ages trying to work out how I answered 9. I went for "Do I think" in the end. I was wondering if I was reading it too deeply because no one else seemed to be picking up on that so I was pleased to read this and the letter written to GMTV (can't remember who it was now) as obviously it's not just me.What is it with GMTV and Matthew Wright having to constantly knock breastfeeding? Worse still is UNICEF Baby Friendly spokesperson Kaye Adams who seems to knock BF everytime she's on The Matthew Wright Show. Why do they allow this???

21 01 2010

OK, I was playing from memory, she's a UNICEF UK Ambassador still, it's not a good reflection on them when someone who works for them because she's so interested in children's affairs is running breastfeeding down.Sorry, she really gets to me!

25 01 2010

Can anyone remeber GMTV presenter Kate Garraway doing a documentary on breastfeeding? This woman makes my blood boil!! seem to remember her vile husband making negative comments too.

28 01 2010
The Squid

Someone's handily uploaded the GMTV "debate" to youtube.

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