Slowly but surely…

18 02 2010

.. the world gets the message…

From the horror of this:

“This poor mama had been fully breastfeeding her 4 month old when she reported that she had been raped. While in a police station the baby was taken from her (this was probably appropriate while the mother was interviewed etc). However, the mother who was traumatised and thought her baby had been taken off her attempted suicide whilst in the police station. This is how she became a psychiatric inpatient.  Sadly,  officials didn’t organise access of baby to mother so breastfeeding could continue: in 5 days the baby was taken to the mother only once” this…

The outcome
After many phone calls (only to discover there wasn’t a single bed available in any public mother baby unit), a full day of negotiations and some help from two wonderful paediatricians (thankyou Gillian Opie and Cathy McAdam -it certainly helps to know people in high places!) as well as information provided by other professionals who are also concerned about legal separations of breastfeeding dyads (thankyou Karleen Gribble) this baby has been admitted as a boarder in the paediatric ward in the hospital where the mother is being treated. The mother is ecstatic and, for now at least, she can enjoy holding her baby close as she nourishes her child with liquid love from her own heart, through her breasts. “

Well done Pinky McKay!  See the full story here.
We’re wining ladies.. one tiny baby step at a time…




2 responses

21 03 2010

This is really pleasing to hear and encourage you to keep taking those baby steps!! Like that lady, i was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for a suicide attempt (after a serious of cock ups by those who are sent to 'help us') My daughter was 18 months old and i tried without success to get referred to a mother and baby unit for months. Luckily it was my parents entrusted to look after her while i was admitted and she was brought to me daily for a feed and a cuddle. However, upon being discharged, the social services accused me of abuse (this still sickens me) and dragged me, through months of meetings and case conferences, and accusations. The sickening things i had to put up with, post psych ward with regards to breastfeeding a toddler still make my stomach churn. Please keep fighting for ladies like me. I was told i would have to give up breastfeeding or i would forever have social services in my life as it was akin to emotional abuse!! Honestly, in 21st Century Britain and this still goes on.Workers need to be educated with regards to breastfeeding too. Every professional i have ever come across (which includes GP, HV, SW, psychiatrist amongst others) has insisted on weaning. It's absurd.

1 07 2010

I'm not a mother..yet, but still I think that breastfeeding is very important, I think it is the duty of the mother and makes the connection between the baby stronger. It is not a matter to be judged by science but a tradition that makes motherhood more fulfilling.

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