Interview With Me

13 04 2011

Oh, thanks for that everyone, that was great fun!  Almost as much fun as launch day.  One wonders how we’ll all develop using the online communities and spaces in order to connect over writing and writers.  I know Alan enjoyed it too and I do think it was a clever idea of his.  He just did it you know, without telling me, and I take that as a compliment.

His actual interview of me, is on his blog today.  Do check it out if you are interested in the process and techniques of writing. Very intelligent questions that caused me brain strain at points.  He gives a nice little round up review of Changeling at the end.

This is a very smart, well-written novel. It delves deep into the psychology of both the abuser and the abused. It contains graphic scenes of physical, psychological and sexual abuse that will upset those made queasy by portrayals of torture. But as Morgan explains above, this isn’t splatterpunk. It’s purposeful. So if you can handle that, you won’t find a much better vampire tale than Changeling. My tastes lean a bit more towards minimalism than maximalism, but here’s the main thing: I think that fiction should both entertain and make you think. It’s surprisingly difficult to find novels that do both.Changeling does.”




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