Interview With Me

20 04 2011

And another one.  Quite personal questions.  I talk about why I work with Mums & Babies, on Human Rights issues.

The connection Christopher is talking about, is very weird.  I had a Viking wedding, in the early ’80s, that Magnus Magnusson was a guest at, as it was the very first Largs Viking Festival.  He worked for Magnus’s daughter’s husband, some years later.  Magnus lived in Glasgow and was the star guest of honour at the weekend event.

I was also whipped quite dramatically, on the beach, at one point, IIRC.  In a set piece of drama.  Funniest part of that, was that ‘the women’ were sent on to the battlefield, to collect the swords and valuables from the dead.  As I, in costume and character, bent down to pick up a sword from a fallen warrior, a loud stage whisper of “Touch that sword and you’re dead meat.” emanated from the dead body.  I left it, and pillaged on…

Although my favourite memory, is that off two off-duty fireman, from different Viking groups, claiming they knew the best, and safest, way to set fire to the boat for the flaming funeral bit (which I don’t think they’ve ever allowed again).  Both of them arguing the other was dangerous, and they knew how best to safely douse a boat in petrol and set it alight on the beach whilst pointing out the other ‘eejit’ was a moron.  đź™‚




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