Breastfeeding Picnics 2011

14 06 2011

A little late this year.  Letting you know.  A combination of circumstances – changing the admin structure, my moving to rural Scotland, a very long turnaround on the permissions from Westminster, due to massive changes brought by the new Gov.  And, of course, we moved it forward a month.  Some of us haven’t realised it’s June yet.  🙂


People wanted flexibility.  So do check the DATE of your local one.  🙂

Breastfeeding Picnics are first and foremost about turning up, having fun with other parents, and going home.  During this fun time, breastfeeding will take place as a normal part of human activity.  That’s actually the most important bit.  Breastfeeding in public is about hungry babies, requiring milk.  That’s all.  Hungry babies get milk. Simples!

In Scotland, it is that simple.  There is a law protecting any caregiver, giving any milk, to a child anywhere the child has a right to be.  The caregiver can not be threatened or asked to stop the feed.  To do so, is an offence, liable to a hefty fine.

In England and Wales, there is no such protection.  For a detailed understanding of this, read the posts here with the Breastfeeding Picnic tag, and the Equalities Act tag.

Breastfeeding Picnics are run by mothers, for mothers.  All parents welcome.  All mothers, fathers, grans and grandads.  All babies, all feeding methods.  Hungry babies need milk: don’t matter if it’s from breast or bottle, Mama or Otherwise.  Hungry babies get fed.  End of.

All are run by volunteers, all take control of their own event.  There is no uber organisation.  Just Mums.  🙂

Go along, show your support, feed your babies.  And invite your local MP too!


Westminster Breastfeeding Picnic
Victoria Tower Gardens
next to Parliament
Noon till 3pm
Sunday 19th June
Facebook Group
contact Elaine


Cambridge Dolally-Doula Breastfeeding Picnic
Lammas Land, Newnham, Cambridge
Noon onwards
Sunday 26th June
contact Maddie


Brighton Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Picnic
Pavilion Gardens
lawn in front of cafe
1pm to 3pm
Facebook Group
contact Bosom Buddies


Upfront Torpoint Breastfeeding Picnic
Torpoint, Cornwall
Thanckes Park
The Lawns
Monday 20th June
1pm to 3pm
Facebook Group
contact Upfront Torpoint Breastfeeding Group


Stroud Breastfeeding Picnic
Stratford Park
near the bandstand
Saturday June 18th
11am to 2 ish
contact Kirstie


Couple more to be added – check back!  🙂




2 responses

14 06 2011

Milk Picnic at Leverhulme Park , BOLTON; Tue 21st June11:30-3pm.

14 06 2011

Due to me being in hospital with my premature baby and Kat being busy with life at the moment Birmingham doesn't have an official picnic this year. I should be home this week and willing to turn up on the day if people want to still go. Pop into the Facebook page and let us know if you're interested.

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