Nursing Matters & Breastfeeding Picnic

23 08 2011

Due to some significant personal issues that are affecting my family, I’ve had to resign from any involvement with Breastfeeding Picnic and Nursing Matters.

Nursing Matters is therefore closed for referrals.  Some sort of info will go up at some point, on the web pages but everything else will be shut down.

Breastfeeding Picnic has a pretty universal life of its own anyway.  🙂

We always had very informal structures, that reflected we were Just Mums on the end of the phone, or the internet connection… so there is no great ‘thing’ to hand over.  Just that of the bunch of intelligent, motivated and loud mouthed Mums (and Dads, and other adults with heart and conscience) could advocate and support on behalf of Mums and kids.

All those wonderful women are still out there, and I imagine there will be no real change in help and support.

I, however, am not capable of keeping up with it at the moment, and so have to concentrate on my family.

As I said in my last post, I rarely post here anyway now!  You’re all out there doing it.

Carry on Lactavating!   




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27 10 2011
HDMI review

true family is primary. I salute to you

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