The Last Taboo

18 12 2011
The Last Taboo…


Freda Kahlo
…is not nursing somone else’s baby…

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Go Mamas!

15 12 2011

How I Write – Names & Meanings

12 12 2011

Having discussed the importance on naming my characters, earlier in this blog, I thought I’d share some research I’ve been doing this week.

It’s been on Bedlam Maternity, which I’m now hoping to get finished in the next couple of months.  It’s a horror based in a maternity unit in the East End of London.  Present day, although there is a connection back a few centuries.

I have five present day mothers-to-be to name.  As well as a main character.  All are involved in the mystery of deaths in the maternity unit.  All have special characteristics, that are important to the narrative unfolding.  All have a history – a specific age, and a specific class and family background. I could have stuck a pin in a phone book, but I’m not like that.  I love names, their meaning, and their power.  So, after some serious research, I offer you the following characters: all of whom could be found in the East End of London, on any street.

Rose Templar is our main protagonist.  Rose is a midwife, in her mid-fifties.  A Catholic woman who has lived and worked in the East End for over 30 years.   Read the rest of this entry »