The Last Taboo

18 12 2011
The Last Taboo…


Freda Kahlo
…is not nursing somone else’s baby…


Salma Hayek
…it’s talking about nursing someone else’s baby…
Which Is Daft.
Peaceful Parenting
And Un-Realistic.
The Wet Nurse

… and denies our biology…

Nefertiti’s Wet Nurse
…as well as our history… 

The Milk From Hera’s Breast

… and everyday actuality…

Human Milk… for Human Babies.

It’s not Rocket Science.




5 responses

18 12 2011

Thank you this is not rocket science your so right…..sharing in hopes that this might get some of my friends thinking ;o)

18 12 2011
Michelle Ahlfeld

Beautiful…and important imagery.

18 12 2011

My daughters wonderful grandmother had a 'moms group' when she was raising her kids. The ladies would babysit for each other and if needed, would nurse each others children. A mere 25-30 years ago. Good friends, helping each other and nurturing each others children as needed. :o)

19 12 2011

Love this

19 12 2011

It's not rocket science…perfect!

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