Paperback Cover

2 04 2011

After a lot of tweaking, this is the final final version.  Honest.  🙂  Thank you for all your help.

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And The Winner Is…. redux

15 03 2011

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Back Cover Blurb

12 03 2011

Please choose, and comment, between the two.  Click to enlarge.  Many thanks.  🙂

A Side                                                                                                      B Side

Test Cover B

12 03 2011

Pretend you can see Test Cover B here:
Oh look, it arrived!  🙂  Click to make large.

Test Book Cover

9 03 2011

Comments sought.  In particular, about leaving the blank space on the bottom left, or trying to squeeze some sort of bio info in.

If you single click it, it should enlarge to your screen size, so you can see detail.  I hope.  🙂