How I Write – Names & Meanings

12 12 2011

Having discussed the importance on naming my characters, earlier in this blog, I thought I’d share some research I’ve been doing this week.

It’s been on Bedlam Maternity, which I’m now hoping to get finished in the next couple of months.  It’s a horror based in a maternity unit in the East End of London.  Present day, although there is a connection back a few centuries.

I have five present day mothers-to-be to name.  As well as a main character.  All are involved in the mystery of deaths in the maternity unit.  All have special characteristics, that are important to the narrative unfolding.  All have a history – a specific age, and a specific class and family background. I could have stuck a pin in a phone book, but I’m not like that.  I love names, their meaning, and their power.  So, after some serious research, I offer you the following characters: all of whom could be found in the East End of London, on any street.

Rose Templar is our main protagonist.  Rose is a midwife, in her mid-fifties.  A Catholic woman who has lived and worked in the East End for over 30 years.   Read the rest of this entry »


Arden Coombe

24 08 2011

Whilst we are discussing how things from the book look, one reader was wondering about Arden Coombe…

Almost Arden Coombe

Which is actually Poulton House, in Wiltshire.  No grass in the front of Arden Coombe, just the circular drive way.  At this angle, you cannot see the new extension to the back, of course.  Nor the garages, just off to the left hand of the picture.  Although Arden Coomb has no basement level visible at the front and the conservatory window/doors off from the back, not the side as in Poulton.