…everything is just a bigger cell…. Sample Sunday July 31

31 07 2011

As this is a new excerpt from Changeling, it will be deleted by the end of the week!


Sample Sunday – July 3rd

2 07 2011

An except from Changeling.  As all the excerpts do, this will be deleted before the week’s out.  Please note that there is a special offer to be able to buy a first print, numbered and Provenanced copy of the trade paperback, running now.  Details HERE.

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A Slice of History

2 07 2011

I have a very special offer, for 20 people.

20 people only.  20  19  18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Only 02 copies left.

This week, the first batch of Changeling comes off the printing press.  One carton, 22 books.  The very first imprint/run of the trade paperback.

The book itself will not be available in the system – Amazon, bookshops, library orders – until the end of August 2011.  However the first batch will be with me, probably this Wednesday.

Would you like to own one of this batch?

Have it in your hand by Friday?

The very first copies.  Signed.  Numbered.  Provenance included.  Your name added to the master list to the provenance document for the proof copy, which I’m keeping?  For now, anyhow.  🙂

The provenance will include photos of the unopened box, with date stamp showing, etc.  It will make the book a collector’s item.

Who knows?

Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a huge investment in 20 years time, it does mean you get to hold the book, your own copy, in front of all but 19 other people on the face of the planet!

In fact, if you reply to this post first, saying yes and then pay first, you get Number 1.  1 of 20.

Here’s how it will go.  The book will retail on Amazon for £12.99.  But not until August.  You can purchase one of the first 20, for £17.99, plus postage and packaging.  You get to decide how much postage you pay.

If you want next day delivery in the UK, it will be up to £9.50  If you want Germany or Europe, it will be up to £11.50.  USA and Canada etc, up to £19.50.  But all the postage and packaging rates start at approx £6.00.

I will, of course, sign a personal message on the book, or on a card, with only the signature and date on the book, as you wish.

You can have this in your hands, by Friday July 8th.  The first ever copy of Changeling.  Signed to you, with a provenance.


Comments are sealed.  Reply here with your eddress, and I will send you an email, with my paypal account.  I will give them out in order of payment received.  The email will have all the postage details.  No one else can have the book until end of August.

First Come, First Served.

There are 22 books.  21 and 22 are going to reviewers, in the USA.  1-20, goes to the first people to respond, and pay.  🙂

Reply and give me your email address and what country you are in.  I will send you the postage details and payment instructions.  No one else will see your post.